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2018 Request for Proposal for the 319(h) Nonpoint Source Grant

Proposals are now being solicited for projects that implement a DWR-approved watershed restoration plan to restore the water quality of waters impaired by nonpoint source (NPS) pollution. Approximately $1.2 million of federal funds are available for water quality restoration projects. Funds are provided by the US Environmental Protection Agency pursuant to Section 319(h) of the Clean Water Act.

State and local governments, interstate agencies, and public and private nonprofit organizations including academic institutions are eligible to apply. Applications are due by midnight on May 4, 2018.

Please visit the Division of Water Resources 319 Grant Program web site for more information and help disseminate this RFP by forwarding to any individuals or groups who may be interested in funding for restoration projects in watersheds impaired by nonpoint source pollution.

For questions about the FY 2018 319(h) RFP or project eligibility, please contact Heather Jennings (919-807-6437).

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